Audited Performance

In 2010, MEPIS was given a Past Performance Evaluation of 99% by D&B Open Ratings.


MEPIS was founded by Warren Woodford, to develop technology and provide consulting services to businesses and entrepreneurs. MEPIS has completed several successful ventures including: developing the well regarded MEPIS Linux operating system and creating a secure vitrtualized network for hosting the US dot.gov top level DNS service.

Woodford is an entrepreneur, technologist and manager.  Many of his skills align with the COO and CTO roles.  He seeks a balance between Lean principles, Agile thinking, and traditional business modeling and processes.  He believes this approach can be effective for companies that are startup, growth stage or an established industry leader.

Since the 1970s, Woodford has held founder and C-level positions, and developed business opportunities.  He was the consulting Principal Architect for a $80M IT modernization program at BCBSNC (Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina); managed the client relationship and delivered mission critical auditing and assurance productivity tools under an Ernst & Young master contract; developed compliance and management tools for Bay Area healthcare orgs, and as a NeXT business partner and troubleshooter; facilitated the successful completion of a number of key NeXT client projects, and much more.

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