MEPIS operates from the RTP area of North Carolina and the Midlands area of the UK.

Audited Performance

In 2010, MEPIS was given a Past Performance Evaluation of 99% by D&B Open Ratings.


Warren Woodford

MEPIS was founded, by Warren Woodford, to develop technology and provide consulting services to businesses and entrepreneurs. MEPIS has completed several successful ventures including: developing the well regarded MEPIS Linux operating system and creating a secure vitrtualized network for hosting the US dot.gov top level DNS service.

Woodford is a quick study, who enjoys new challenges.  Since the 1970s, he has held founder and C-level positions, and developed business opportunities. 

He was the consulting Principal Architect for a $80M IT modernization program at BCBSNC (Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina); managed the client relationship and delivered mission critical auditing and assurance productivity tools under an Ernst & Young Int'l master contract; developed compliance and management tools for Bay Area healthcare orgs, and as a NeXT business partner and troubleshooter; facilitated the successful completion of a number of key NeXT client projects, and much more.

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